Danielle Schmitt Schmitt
Princeton University
M179 Guyot Hall Washington Rd
Princeton, NJ 08544
609.258.0796 (fax)

Hi everyone. I am an Academic Lab Manager for the Department of Geosciences, which means that I develop laboratory activities for our geosciences courses. Courses I work on include mostly introductory level courses such as Intro to Oceanography, History of the Earth, Weather and Climate (which we have not offered in a few years).

Presently I do not have an activity investigating the connection between hurricanes and climate change. What I would like to develop is an inquiry based activity in which the students use real data and possibly GIS. The connection between hurricanes and climate will only be part of the activity. This will be incorporated into either our 100 or our 200 level oceanography course so I would first like to have the students investigate the relationship between sea surface temperature and hurricanes, then pull in climate change.