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Brian Bossak

Geology and Geography
Georgia Southern University
1110 Herty Building
Statesboro, Georgia 30460

Background: I am an Assistant Professor of Geography in the Department of Geology and Geography at Georgia Southern University (as of August, 2008).

I consider myself a Medical Geographer with research interests in climate change, natural hazards, spatial analysis of infectious diseases, environmental health, and coastal risk assessment. I previously taught Meteorology, Global Climate Change, and Natural Hazard courses for two years at Valdosta State University before moving up to GSU.

Future courses likely to incorporate information gleaned from this workshop include Climate and Landscape, Meteorology, Global Climate Change, and Medical Geography.

Workshop goals: I do a lot of talking in my courses about climate change and connections to natural hazards such as hurricanes. However, I feel like I do too much of the "broadcast" form of teaching - I really would like to incorporate understandable, clear, hands-on group exercises or challenges that would allow the students to think more deeply about these issues and develop a better understanding of the nature of hurricanes and other hazardous weather conditions. I am interested in these hands-on exercises or activities because now that I think I am talking too much, I am sure my students think so too! Finally, I hope that I will come across some excellent visuals to utilize, because the number of excellent graphics, especially at a lower undergraduate level of understanding, is relatively small, IMO.