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Workshop Overview

Advanced case of arsenic poisoning, China, photo courtesy of USGS.

Workshop Goals:

  • To introduce participants to the new specialty of Geology and Human Health, its scope, importance, and future prospects
  • To encourage research in this field
  • To provide teaching and learning resources for adaptation in introductory and other courses in the geoscience curriculum
  • To develop a new course in this specialty.


I. Before the Workshop: Participants are expected to:

(a) gain familiarity with the content of the On the Cutting Edge Geology and Human Health web site

(b) prepare a description of a topic that involves geoscience and human health in the form of a short essay, poster or PowerPoint slides.

II. During the Workshop: Participants will have the opportunity to develop plans for follow-up activities using the Action Plan format. This can be done in one or more of the following ways:

(a) developing plan(s) to include topics related to geology and human health in introductory geosciences courses. This could be a module on topics such as asbestos and health problems; clay mineralogy and toxicity (mineralogy class), hazardous waste and cancer (environmental /general geology), health impacts of climate change (various courses across the curriculum), spatial distribution of disease or disease vectors (GIS class), or similar topics;

(b) prepare description of a new course in Geology and Human Health, or outline a research project integrating geology and human health.

III. Post-Workshop: A follow-up of your Action Plan.


Participants must submit the online registration by March 8, 2010.

Note: This registration is for the workshop only; you also need to register for the GSA North Central Section Meeting, pay both the meeting and workshop registration fees to GSA, and make your own housing and travel arrangements.

More Information (Workshop): Prof. Syed Hasan at 816-235-2976 or mailto:hasans AT umkc.edu