Central Themes of the Workshop

What, where and how are we teaching about Geology and Human Health in:

  • introductory level courses for non-majors such as Physical and Environmental Geology,
  • "core courses" in the geology major (e.g., mineralogy and petrology, geomorphology/surface processes, geochemistry), and
  • new and emerging courses such as Medical Geology or Geology and Human Health, as well as in research experiences for students in geoscience programs.

Why is Geology and Human Health important?

What resources and activities are currently available? What are needed?

Case studies, discussions and poster sessions will explore these themes as they relate to:

  • Air-borne, water-borne, and earth material health hazards
  • Preparation of students to make informed choices
  • Living in complex systems
  • Human health and policy

Workshop activities will lay the foundation for an action plan to help move geology and human health into more prevalent inclusion in the geoscience curriculum.

Visit the Geology and Human Health topics site to view more workshop materials and outcomes as well as additional resources related to geology and health.