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Consequences of Modern Energy Use: A Remote Sensing analysis of the gulf oil spill using ArcGIS software.
Jared Beeton, Adams State College
Students download satellite imagery and conduct a remote sensing analysis of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill using ArcGIS software.

Swimming in Oil: The Impact, Aftermath and Alternatives to Oil Spills
MICHELLE KINZEL, Southwestern College
Michelle Kinzel, San Diego Mesa College Summary This activity introduces students to basic functions and features of ArcGIS software and explores principles of a GIS and data set manipulations, using observational ...

Use of GNOME to model oil spills
Tim Walsh, Waycross College
Tim Walsh, Wayland Baptist University Summary Using GNOME software (freely available from NOAA) students model various oil spill scenarios in the Galveston Bay area. Students adjust a variety of parameters ...

Water Quality Assessment: Computer Analysis
Ming-Kuo Lee
Students use computer software to generate diagrams that facilitate the examination of ion concentrations in ground-water and the chemical evolution of organic compounds in an oil spill.

Exploring oil spills
Kevin Theissen, University of St. Thomas (MN)
This activity combines a hands-on demonstration and a follow-up homework assignment designed for students to investigate oil spill clean-up.

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