Participant Checklist

Before the Workshop

By April 2:

  • Test your connection to Adobe Connect. It's important that you test your connection prior to the first session of the workshop so that there is time to troubleshoot any problems that may arise.

April 3 - April 24:

  • Attend the virtual sessions and take part in the discussions. Be sure to make use of the Technical Information page so you know how to connect to both audio and video portions of the sessions.

Between April 24 and May 22:

  • Work on new teaching materials individually or in small teams. Teams and individuals will develop new teaching activities and modules integrating their own interests and information from the expert presentations and participant discussions during the April workshop sessions. These activities should be submitted to the website before the May 22 and 29 sessions so that they can be presented to the other workshop participants and feedback gathered.

May 22 and 29:

  • Be prepared to present a few slides to show off the new teaching materials you/your team has developed.

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