Initial Publication Date: May 24, 2012

Visualization Collections

These collections of visualizations include photos, animations, videos, maps and interactive imagery that can be integrated into lectures or classes. Browse the complete set of Visualization Collections.


  • Earthquake Visualizations
    Animations showing seismograph operation, tsunami, P and S Waves, earthquake focus versus epicenter, and actual footage of an earthquake.
  • Flood Visualizations
    These animations, images, and film clips illustrate the nature and extent of flooding events. They show a variety of ways flooding can be generated as well as the effects on people and infrastructure.
  • Hurricane Visualizations
    Satellite images and visualizations that illustrate how these violent weather systems form and function, as well as their effects on the natural and human landscapes.
  • Mass Wasting/Landslide Animations
    Animations and videos showing different types of landslides like slumps, slides, and falls in a variety of environments.
  • Oil Spills
    These resources speak to the effects of oil spills and aid educators in teaching about these catastrophic events.
  • Soil Erosion
    Animations of soil erosion. There are also Depression Era audio files recounting the Dust Bowl and images of soils.
  • Tsunami Visualizations
    This page presents animations and movies related to tsunamis and their effects on the physical and human landscape.
  • Wildfire Visualizations
    These simulations, images, and interactive animations seek to explain wildfires and their complex relationship with atmosphere, terrain, and human management.

Climate Change

  • Impacts of Climate Change
    Animations, videos, pictures, and graphs about projections of future climate change and evidence of current changes.
  • Paleoclimate
    This section provides access to a spectrum of visualizations and supporting material that can be used effectively to teach students about paleoclimate through geologic time.
  • Process of Anthropogenic Climate Change
    Animations, videos, pictures, and diagrams about human influences on climate, including how the greenhouse effect works, emissions data, and recent climate curves.