Workshop Overview

Note: This workshop has already taken place. Presentations given at the workshop are available on the program page.

This one-day workshop is a follow-up to the Cutting Edge workshop Teaching about Energy in Geoscience Courses held in May 2009 at the University of Wyoming. The workshop will provide opportunities to learn more about energy issues, as well as focus on how we teach about energy and geoscience. Participants will share and discuss current examples, while exploring how we might better integrate energy in geoscience courses and beyond. Workshop participants will also collaborate to create or refine materials for classroom use.

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The goals of the workshop are to:

  • Explore the role of energy in our current and future geoscience courses and create strategies for effectively teaching this complex topic.
  • Learn more about the emerging science of energy supplies, energy use and potential methods for offsetting environmental drawbacks of different types of energy use.
  • Learn pedagogic strategies and approaches that are well suited to this complex topic.
  • Collect and create examples of educational materials that can be used to teach about energy.
  • Encourage collaboration between geoscientists and geoscience educators to collectively increase our ability to teach energy issues effectively.

Workshop activities will include presentations, discussions, and a reviewing/writing session. Instructional materials and other information will be organized and compiled as collections of digital resources to support teaching about energy and geoscience around the world.


The workshop be held on Saturday, October 30, from 8 AM to 5:00 PM. Participants must attend the entire workshop.


Participants are expected to:

These materials will be displayed on the Cutting Edge website and will be integrated in the workshop activities.
  • Complete a short survey about energy topics. The results of the survey will be used during the plenary presentation.
  • Participate in the peer-review session of activities and courses during the workshop. Each participant will review someone else's course or activity and provide feedback to help them improve their teaching materials.

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There will be a $70 workshop fee to attend this one-day workshop, payable to GSA when you register. Additional costs associated with the workshop are covered by a grant from the NSF Division of Undergraduate Education (DUE-0127310).


The workshop is limited to 40 participants. This workshop is open to undergraduate faculty, and high school and middle school science teachers. We encourage participants representing a wide range of experiences, educational environments, and specialties.

Registration Process

The workshop size is limited to the first 40 participants who register through GSA. Participants must also register for the GSA meeting, or pay a nonregistrant/short course only fee (US$40) in addition to the $70 course fee. This nonregistrant fee may then be applied toward meeting registration. If you are a GSA K–12 teacher member, you do not need to register for the meeting or pay the nonregistrant/short course only fee.

1. To sign up for the workshop, first register with GSA and pay the workshop fee. The early registration deadline is Sept. 27, 2010. After that the workshop fee increases to $105.

2. Then complete the Cutting Edge registration form which is more specific and will help us tailor the workshop to the background and expectations of the audience. The registration deadline is Sept. 27, 2010.

3. After you have registered submit the required teaching materials by October 11, 2010.


The workshop will be held at the Colorado Convention Center. More information will be provided prior to the workshop.

For More Information

Please contact Karin Kirk (kkirk at