Participant List

Workshop Conveners

Cathryn Manduca, Science Education Resource Center, Carleton College
James Myers, Department of Geology and Geophysics, University of Wyoming Energy: A Geological Perspective (course)
Fred Loxsom, Environmental Earth Science Department, Eastern Connecticut State University
Karin Kirk, Science Education Resource Center, Carleton College The Lifestyle Project (activity)

Invited Speakers

Carol Frost, Professor and Associate Vice President for Research and Economic Development, University of Wyoming
Mohamad-Ali Hasan, University of North Carolina, Charlotte
Mark Tallman, PacifiCorp
Geoff Thyne, Enhanced Oil Recovery Institute, University of Wyoming
Nicholas Woodward, Geosciences Research Program, US Department of Energy

Workshop Participants

Cristina Archer, Department of Geology , California State University - Chico Energy in the Human Environment (course)
Gregory Baker, Department of Earth & Planetary Sciences , University of Tennessee
Joel Blum, Geological Sciences and Ecology/Evolutionary Biology , University of Michigan Sustainable and Fossil Energy: Options and Consequences (course)
Florence Bocquet, Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences , University of Colorado at Boulder
Alan Buss, University of Wyoming
Wendy Calvin, Department of Geological Sciences , University of Nevada - Reno Petroleum Use Jigsaw Activity (activity)
Cameron Davidson, Department of Geology , Carleton College
Luke Dosiek, Electrical and Computer Engineering , University of Wyoming Recommended references
Dale Easley, Natural and Applied science , University of Dubuque The Energy Conundrum (activity)
Katharine Ellis, Science Department , Front Range Community College Energy Gallery Walk (activity)
Richard Enright, Earth Science Department , Bridgewater State College
Bob Ford, Science Department , Frederick Community College Energy and Society (course)
Lisa Gardiner, Office of Education and Outreach , University Corporation for Atmospheric Research Climate Discovery (courses)
Scott Giorgis
, Department of Geological Sciences, SUNY Geneseo Calculation of your personal carbon footprint (activity)
Anne Hall, Environmental Studies, Emory University Energy and the Poor - Black Carbon in Developing Nations (activity)
Sid Halsor, Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences, Wilkes University Natural Gas and the Marcellus Shale (activity)
Timothy Heaton, Earth Sciences and Physics, University of South Dakota The Energy Crisis (course)
Martha Henderson, Environmental Studies, The Evergreen State College Crafting a Sustainability Message (activity) Sustainable Communities (course)
Jonathan Hoffman, Geology and Geophysics, University of Wyoming Recommended references
Marie Johnson, Dept of Geography and Environmental Engineering, US Military Academy Environmental Security (course)
Mamadou Keita, Natural Sciences, Gillette College recommended books
Richard Kettler, Department of Geosciences, University of Nebraska-Lincoln The Earth's Energy Resources (course)
Allen Kihm, Department of Geosciences, Minot State University Energy Resources (course)
Patricia Kuberra, Science Department, Campbell County High School
Tim Lutz, Department of Geology & Astronomy, West Chester University The Lifestyle Project (activity)
Mark Lyford, Life Sciences Program, University of Wyoming
Robert Meeks, Natural Sciences, St. Philip's College
Christine Metzger, Environmental Science, Whittier College Hazards and Resources (course)
Maurine Miller, Science Department, Riverton Middle School
Robert Milne, Natural Sciences, Sheridan College Energy Hog Ad Campaign (activity)
David Mogk, Department of Earth Sciences, Montana State University
Samuel Mukasa, Department of Geological Sciences, University of Michigan
Philip Orbell, Science Department, Fremont Schools #25 (Middle School)
Robert Rhew, Department of Geography, University of California; Berkeley
Glenn Richard, Mineral Physics Institute, Stony Brook University Geoscience and Global Concerns (course)
Timothy Schroeder, Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Bennington College Structural Analysis of a Hot Dry Rock Geothermal Energy System (activity)
Steven Semken, School of Earth and Space Exploration, Arizona State University Power Source (activity)
Chris Sinton, Environmental Studies, University of Redlands Energy and the Environment (course)
Stephanie Slater, Department of Education, University of Wyoming
Tim Slater, Department of Education, University of Wyoming
Suzanne M (Suki) Smaglik, Department of Math & Sciences, Central Wyoming College Recommended references
Arthur Snoke, Department of Geology and Geophysics, University of Wyoming
James Staub, Department of Geosciences, The University of Montana Introduction to Fossil Fuels (course)
Edward Stermer, Math Science Department, Illinois Central College Energy and the Environment (course)
Mark Turski, Environmental Science and Policy, Plymouth State University Recommended references and Recommended DVD