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Collaborating with Students

Faculty members who are successful at collaborating with student researchers help their students to find meaningful research questions appropriate to the students' experience, set clear expectations for their students, give their students appropriate guidance throughout their research projects, and regularly check in with their students to monitor progress, help solve problems, and celebrate successes (Kurdziel and Libarkin, 2002 ; NAS, NAE, IOM, 1997). Some also create teams of student researchers working on similar or related questions. Together, you and your students can accomplish more than you can by yourself, provided you do a good job of mentoring your student researchers; the resources below show you how.

Team of student and faculty researchers for the 1999 Keck Ohio Project. Photo from their project website: http://www.wooster.edu/geology/KeckOhio.html.

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The links below take you to brief profiles of faculty members from a range of institutions who have been successful in collaborating with student researchers, in a variety of ways.


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