Technical Information for the Workshop

Jump down to Conference Call-in Numbers for Audio: Screen Sharing with Elluminate :Setting up Your SERC Account :Participating in the Online Discussions : Short video showing how to do many of these things

Session timing 

Synchronous sessions will take place between 11 am EDT and 3 pm EDT (10 am-2 pm CDT; 9 am-1pm MDT; 8 am –noon PDT) on the May 26th and 27th and on June 3rd and 4th.

During synchronous sessions, you will log on to an online screen sharing service called Elluminate, where you will view presentations and chat with participants. We will not use the audio portion of Elluminate, and you will need a phone line to hear the audio portion of the workshop. So, for the synchronous sessions, you will need both an Internet connection and a phone line.

You will also have homework between synchronous sessions, and you will have an opportunity to schedule consultations with the workshop conveners and to participate in asynchronous discussions via our discussion board.

Conference Call-in Number for the Audio Portion of Sessions 

You will connect to an audio conferencing service using your phone in order to hear the audio portion of workshop presentations.

Since this workshop has already occurred, information for connecting to the audio stream has been removed from the website. You may watch screencasts of several parts of the workshop via links on the workshop program.

Screen Sharing with Elluminate for the Visual Portion of Sessions 

You will connect to the online serviceElluminate to view presentations during the workshop. You will hear the audio portion over your phone, as described above.

Start by connecting to the Elluminate session. (link no longer available)

  • Elluminate will ask you to provide your name, and you will need to click 'trust' or 'run' when prompted. 
  • Once connected, you will be asked about your connection speed. Choose Cable/DSL or LAN, depending whether you are at home or work. 
  • The first time you connect, a software download will happen automatically in the background. When you connect to subsequent sessions, the connection should happen more quickly.

Once connected to the session, you will see a chat window on the left where you can send messages to the group (e.g., to ask questions of the presenter) and a main window where the presentation will appear. In some cases, an additional window may appear allowing you to view items running on the presenter's computer. Elluminate has many other features that we will not be using for this workshop. Please note that Elluminate has an audio option that we will not use. As described above, we will use phone conferencing for the audio portion.

If you have problems connecting to the Elluminate session, try visiting, which will walk you through checking your computer's configuration.

Setting up Your SERC Account 

1. If you do not have a SERC account, you will need to create one. 
Go here: and create an account with the same email address you used when you applied for the workshop. 

2. Then return to that same URL and you should see a link to view your page. Click the red 'Edit' link to edit and follow the help that's available on-screen.

Participating in the Online Discussions 

Once you have a SERC account, you will be able to participate in the online discussions for this workshop. You can link to the discussions via the navigation bar at left.

A 5 minute Screencast Showing how to Create an Account, Edit your Profile and Submit and Edit an Assignment/Activity