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General Science 30 Independent Research

Eleanor Miele

Brooklyn College - City University of New York
University with graduate programs, primarily masters programs


Faculty-mentored independent library or laboratory research in one of the science disciplines or an interdisciplinary science. Students will prepare a final project for presentation.

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less than 15

Course Context:

This is an upper-level capstone course in independent research for elementary education majors (teachers of grades 1-6) concentrating in general science.

Course Goals:

Students will be able to carry out an independent primary or secondary research project encompassing the following sub-goals:
- Identify a testable question of personal interest
- Access relevant background literature
- Evaluate and summarize reliable background literature
- Design an effective research protocol
- Collect, organize and analyze data
- Communicate the results and implications in PowerPoint, poster, website or research paper format

How course activities and course structure help students achieve these goals:

Course activities are designed to provide a structure for the development of essential skills in a collaborative environment to support students in reaching the course objective of designing, carrying out and communicating the results of an independent science investigation.

Skills Goals

- Self-teaching
- Effective communication
- Structuring scientific inquiry in schools

How course activities and course structure help students achieve these goals:

Course activities will provide structured collaborative experiences in generating and evaluating testable questions, abstracting relevant and reliable background literature, and organization and analysis of data. Presentation skills will also be developed in a collaborative environment. Techniques such as collaborative group work, gallery walks, jig-saw team instruction and concept sketching will be used throughout the semester.

Attitudinal Goals

Science is a human endeavor carried out by people of all ages, interests and cultures


Assessment will include informal low-stakes assessments such as evaluation of peer comments in gallery walks and concept sketches. Abstracts of background articles will be assessed with a rubric to allow mid-course correction of writing in preparation for final presentation. Major assignment will be final Powerpoint, poster, webpage or paper, assessed with a rubric.

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