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Pre- and post-course learning assessments  

Hi all,
I'm considering putting together a basic pre- and post-test style multiple choice tool (not exactly thrilling, but probably very efficient) based on the geoscience concept inventory to determine how effective my climates course will be. Do any of you already have such a document handy? I'd rather not reinvent the wheel.


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I will also be working on a similar pre/post test for spring - I don't have one completed yet but would gladly share questions/ideas once I put it all together.


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I hadn't heard of GCI before. But your question Dawn made me think of this study I read about recently:


The survey they used is in the PDF of the report. I was thinking this could be a good survey for the students to take (anonymously) before they begin my climate class. We could compare the knowledge of the students in the class to the the population who participated in the Yale study in the first lecture...


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Very interesting! Thanks for posting this link!!


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Mea, the yale document looks really interesting. I too use pre and post surveys for the beginning and end of class, or for a specific new assignment or project- but I now make them pretty short because students get bubble fatigue.

I will also use some rubric for assessing understanding of modeling for after the activity. I would like to be able to get a levels of understanding- simple models, models with feedbacks, complex model interactions? the final rubric will evolve with the activity which is highly conceptual at the moment.


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