Initial Publication Date: September 15, 2006

Share Fair Participants

Educational Global Climate Modeling Tutorial

Mark Chandler, Columbia University

Climate Change Science, Impacts and Adaptation: An Online Course at the University of Regina, Saskatchewan

Dave Sauchyn, University of Regina

How to be an Information Sleuth: Finding and Using Information Related to Climate Change

Lura Joseph, University of Illinois

Historical Climate Variability (PowerPoint 1.3MB Aug15 06)

Paul Ehlers, Nicolet Area Technical College

All you wanted to know about the 'Top End', but were afraid to ask - coming to INQUA in Cairns

Esmee Webb, School of Natural Sciences, Joondalup Australia

Understanding the Carbon Cycle: A Jigsaw Approach

David Hastings, Eckerd College
Jigsaw handout (Microsoft Word 22kB Aug31 06) Jigsaw poster (Acrobat (PDF) 1.4MB Aug31 06)

Simulation of Conference of the Parties (COP/MOP): beginning to understand the intergovernmental negotiation process, the Kyoto Protocol, and the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)

David Hastings, Eckerd College
Presentation about this project (Acrobat (PDF) 351kB Aug31 06)
Part I (Microsoft Word 25kB Aug31 06) Part II (Microsoft Word 40kB Aug31 06) Part III (Microsoft Word 29kB Aug31 06)
Position paper (Microsoft Word 21kB Aug31 06) Reading list (Microsoft Word 22kB Aug31 06)

Using long-term climate data to evaluate risk of hantavirus outbreaks

Rachel Loehman and Faith Ann Heinsch, University of Montana

Handouts - one on Ecological Footprint Analysis and the other on Home Energy Audits

Rachel Loehman and Faith Ann Heinsch, University of Montana

Lab exercise for working with a glacier erosion model

Cathy Connor, University Alaska Southeast

On-Line Resources for Teaching Climate Change

David Mogk, Montana State University

Five hands-on exercises which look at the response of organisms to climate change from the perspective of the fossil record

Allan Ashworth, North Dakota State University

Quantifying the Greenhouse Effect

Steve Taylor, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California San Diego

PowerPoint presentation on global warming titled "Challenge of the Century"

George Stone, Milwaukee Area Technical College

Global Climate Change Role Playing Activity (Microsoft Word 41kB Aug31 06)

Ann Hadley, Manchester Community College

Using Animations to Understand the Global Climate System

Jacqueline J. Shinker, University of Wyoming

My Special Place: Use of a Place-Based Writing Project to Improve Student Learning in a Large Introductory Undergraduate Geology Course

Sadredin C. Moosavi, Walden University