Workshop Overview

Note: This workshop has already taken place.

The workshop will provide opportunities to understand the role of the affective domain in learning and to discuss the application of this understanding to specific examples in the introductory geosciences. We will showcase teaching that takes into account the affective domain including examples of strategies for addressing student attitudes in both small and large lecture settings, and increasing motivation for learning.

The goals of the workshop are for participants to:

  • Describe how the affective domain can enhance student learning within their own instructional setting or learning environment
  • Examine how to improve student attitudes and increase motivation to learn in their classes
  • Modify existing activities used in their classroom in order to enhance student attitudes and motivations including an assessment plan
  • Increase network opportunities for geoscience faculty within Arizona

Workshop activities will include large and small group discussions, demonstrations, and planning/writing sessions. Instructional materials and other information will be organized and compiled as collections of digital resources for use in the Earth Sciences throughout the world.


The workshop will begin on Saturday morning, Sept. 19, 2009 at 9:00 AM and will end at 5:00 PM with a break for lunch. Participants must attend all sessions.


Participants are expected to:

  • Bring one activity and/or syllabus that addresses student attitudes and/or motivation to learn within your class. If you do not have one, bring any activity you do in your introductory classroom and/or your class syllabus (You will want a digital version of this with you at the workshop).
  • Contribute to website and help review resource collections prior to, during, and following the workshop
  • Prepare in advance for workshop discussions via readings, writings, discussion or other activities developed by workshop leaders
  • Participate fully in the entire workshop, and take advantage of opportunities for follow-on activities/interactions


Participants or their home institutions must provide transportation to and from the workshop, we do not have any external support for travel costs.

Application and Selection Criteria

Your workshop registration must be submitted by Aug. 28th, 2009. The workshop size is limited to 30 participants. This workshop is open on a first-come, first-served basis for geoscience (including: Geology, Earth & Space Sciences, Oceanography, Geography) faculty. Non-geoscience faculty are welcome to apply as well, but be aware that most examples will be on geoscience-based curriculum. Once the first 30 applications are received, a waiting list will be available.


The workshop will be held at Mesa Community College, in Mesa AZ in the new Physical Science Building.

For More Information

Please contact Kaatje Kraft (, 480 461-7054).