Is planetary change bad?


Ed Nuhfer, Alan, Dorothea, Cinzia

We often hear about global warming as a problem, and there is now a reasonable consensus that humans are exacerbating the problem. Our global population is currently about 6 billion, and scientists estimate the planet's carrying capacity at about 12 to 15 billion. Doubling time is 38 years. If we examine a core profile, we see that tundra pollen lies in the lowest layers, sage and prairie grasses in the middle and spruce and pine pollen in the top. Would climate change occur in Minnesota without human interference? Should the human component of global warming be stopped? If it were stopped, would there be any larger problems to building to 100% sustainability? If we tried to bring sustainability to a dynamically changing Earth, who would oppose it and why, and who would favor it and why? How disruptive would this be to you, given your present view of your own life plans and aspirations?

Is change bad  

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