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For New Faculty

Resources for Early Career Faculty at On the Cutting Edge - This extensive resource provides information for faculty in the first few years of an academic appointment. Originally developed for new geoscience faculty, the resource has grown to encompass many areas that are relevant to faculty in any discipline.

Articles and Resources for New Faculty - A collection of articles and resources useful for new faculty but also valuable to all faculty members.

First Day of Class - This module from Pedagogy in Action showcases some of the many different things that can be accomplished in the first class meeting of the term and gives advice for making that first session useful and meaningful for your students.

Relevant LTC Sessions


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LTC: Developing Instituational Leardership Among Mid-Career Faculty Members; The Macalester Faculty Leadership Seminar

Carleton College Learning and Teaching Center, PEPS
By PEPS Adrienne Christiansen, Political Science, Director of the Jan Serie Center for Scholarship and Teaching and Professor and Karine Moe, Economics Six years ago, Macalester College began a ...

LTC: The Faculty Role in Providing Access to a Carleton Education

Carleton College Learning and Teaching Center, PEPS
Melissa Eblen-Zayas, Assistant Professor of Physics; Adriana Estill, Associate Professor of English and American Studies; and Devashree Gupta, Assistant Professor of Political Science After our ...

LTC: Disciplinary Communities: Faculty Leadership in Professional Societies

Carleton College Learning and Teaching Center, PEPS
By PEPS Neil Lutsky, Professor of Psychology; Cathryn Manduca, Director, Science Education Resource Center; Nancy Wilkie, Professor of Classics, Anthropology, and the Liberal Arts Neil Lutsky served ...

LTC: Rick Reis

Carleton College Learning and Teaching Center, PEPS
By PEPS Intellectual community comes in many forms. For several years, Rick Reis has promoted an "academic commons" in the higher education world through the Tomorrow's ...

LTC: From the Other Side of the Podium: The Student Observer Program

Carleton College Learning and Teaching Center, PEPS
By PEPS Jennifer Cox Johnson, Assistant to the Coordinator, Perlman Center for Learning and Teaching; Students; and Faculty The Student Observer Program has been offered to faculty for the last ...

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