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Web Resources

Remote Sensing:

Hubble Telescope:

THEMIS images:

MOLA images:

HiRISE images:

Mars image explorer:

Google Mars:

Interactive Mars Data Maps:

Education Resources:



Mars Student Imaging Project: (award winning program aimed at K-12
teaching standards) (has helpful Image
Analysis materials - guide, supplement, & powerpoint you can download
without setting up an account)


jMARS Login and software download:

Google Mars:

Mission Updates/New Releases:

NASA Mission Updates and press release:

NASA News:

NASA Astromaterials Research and Exploration Science Directorate

CNN Science New/Updates:

NY Times Science:

BBC News Science:

Citizen Science Websites:

NASA Clickworkers:

Planet Four:

Planet Hunters:

Some valuable resources for Earth-Mars analog comparisons:

Grotzinger, J.P., and Milliken, R.E., eds, 2012, Sedimentary Geology of Mars SEPM Special Publication, Vol. 102.

** Note: this volume is totally open access, so you can access any of the articles and images of these without any purchase or subscription.

Garry, W.B., and Bleacher, J.E., eds., 2011, Analogs for Planetary Exploration, GSA Special Papers 483. Requires a subscription to Geological Society of America Special Papers.

Chan, M. A., Beitler Bowen, B., Parry, W. T., Ormö, J. and Komatsu, G., 2005, Red Rock and Red Planet Diagenesis: Comparisons of Earth and Mars Concretions: GSA Today v. 15 n. 8, p. 4-10. This is open access pdf.

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