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Web Resources

Remote Sensing:

- Hubble Telescope:
- THEMIS images:
- MOLA images:
- HiRISE images:
- Mars image explorer:
- Google Mars:
- Interactive Mars Data Maps:

Education Resources:

- EarthSpace:
- Cosmoquest:
- Mars Student Imaging Project: (award winning program aimed at K-12
teaching standards) (has helpful Image
Analysis materials - guide, supplement, & PowerPoint you can download
without setting up an account)


- jMARS Login and software download:
- Google Mars:

Mission Updates/New Releases:

- NASA Mission Updates and press release:
- NASA News:
- NASA Astromaterials Research and Exploration Science Directorate
- CNN Science New/Updates:
- NY Times Science:
- BBC News Science:

Citizen Science Websites:

- NASA Clickworkers:
- Planet Four:
- Planet Hunters:

Some valuable resources for Earth-Mars analog comparisons:

- Grotzinger, J.P., and Milliken, R.E., eds, 2012, Sedimentary Geology of Mars SEPM Special Publication, Vol. 102.
** Note: this volume is totally open access, so you can access any of the articles and images of these without any purchase or subscription.

- Garry, W.B., and Bleacher, J.E., eds., 2011, Analogs for Planetary Exploration, GSA Special Papers 483. Requires a subscription to Geological Society of America Special Papers.

- Chan, M. A., Beitler Bowen, B., Parry, W. T., Ormö, J. and Komatsu, G., 2005, Red Rock and Red Planet Diagenesis: Comparisons of Earth and Mars Concretions: GSA Today v. 15 n. 8, p. 4-10. This is an open access pdf.

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