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Advisory Board

Advisory board member bios were copied from individuals' faculty/professional homepages.

Sarah Bednarz is Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Professor of Geography at Texas A&M University . Sarah's primary research interests focus on cognition, geography education, and ways geospatial technologies support the development of spatial thinking. Her secondary research interests include environmental and geosciences education and curriculum development and teacher preparation in these areas. Sarah Bednarz's home page

Geoff Feiss is the GSA Foundation President as well as Provost and Professor Emeritus at the College of William and Mary. His research interests include hydrothermal geochemistry and economic mineral resources, and he is active in work related to post-secondary education. Geoff Feiss's home page

Grace Goldberg is a B.S. and M.S. Candidate in Earth Systems in the School of Earth Sciences at Stanford University.

Jo Handelsman is a Professor of Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology at Yale University. Her research focuses on the genetic and functional diversity of microorganisms in soil and insect gut communities and she is nationally recognized for her work in efforts to improve science education and increase the participation of women and minorities in science at the university level. Jo Handelsman's home page

Jack Hehn is CEO of JH Consult and former Director of Education, American Institute of Physics. He has had extensive experience in teaching, teacher training and professional development, and education research and is active in proposing and directing large scale educational programs, including science policy review and commentary, curriculum development, and technology and multimedia program development. Much of his current effort is directed toward encouraging and supporting collaborations between learned societies and among affinity groups within the Physics, Astronomy, Earth Systems, and Allied Science Community.

Pat Hutchings was a senior scholar and vice president at The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching from 1998-2009. She is now a consulting scholar with Carnegie, senior scholar with the National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment, and scholar-in-residence at Gonzaga University, in Spokane, Washington. Pat's work has focused on a variety of strategies for creating a campus culture of teaching and learning: student outcomes assessment, the peer collaboration and review of teaching, integrative learning, and the scholarship of teaching and learning. Pat Hutchings's home page

Stephanie Pfirman is Professor and Chair of the Department of Environmental Science at Barnard College. Her research interests focus on the role of sea ice in the redistribution of sediments and pollutants in the Arctic. She is involved in research on environmental changes in the Arctic as well as undergraduate education and public outreach. Stephanie Pfirman's home page

Judith A. Ramaley is President Emerita at Winona State University. She is also President Emerita and Distinguished Professor of Public Service at Portland State University. She served as Assistant Director of Education and Human Resources at the National Science Foundation from 2001-2005. She has played an active role in higher-education reform and has worked cooperatively to design regional alliances to promote educational cooperation. She also has contributed to national discussions about the changing nature of work and the workforce and plays a national role in the exploration of civic responsibility and the role of higher education in promoting good citizenship. She has published extensively on educational reform, science, technology, engineering and mathematics education and the leadership of organizational change.

Joaquin Ruiz is the Dean of the College of Science and Professor of Geochemistry at the University of Arizona. His research interests are in chemistry and Earth Sciences and include topics such as the development of new isotope systems for studying ore deposits and the tectonic processes involved in the growth and evolution of Mexico. His research team addresses problems ranging from the origins of life to present-day climate change. Joaquin Ruiz's home page

Jim Swartz is the Interim Associate Vice President and Professor of Chemistry at Grinnell College. Swartz has done extensive work in developing science division-wide efforts to improve introductory courses and to substantially increase the number of participants involved in student-faculty research. He has played an active role in planning of science facilities and curriculum development. He is the project coordinator for the NSF funded Project Kaleidoscope Pedagogies of Engagement project. Jim Swartz's home page

Lisa White is the Director of Education and Outreach at the UC Museum of Paleontology. A former Professor of Geosciences at San Francisco State University, she has taught undergraduate classes in paleontology, historical geology, and the history of life, and guided research projects with graduate students in Miocene diatoms of the Monterey Formation of CA and fossil cold seep assemblages in the Franciscan Complex. Lisa White's home page

Quinton Williams is the Interim Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs and Student Life at Jackson State University. His research interests include synthesis and characterization of nanomaterials, transparent, conducting, flexible electronic materials, fiber Lasers, photonic sensors, renewable energy (Li-Ion batteries and Ultracapacitors) and stratospheric ozone, as it relates to geoscience. Quinton Williams's home page

Mary Lou Zoback is a Consulting Professor at Stanford University and has served as former Vice President, Earthquake Risk Applications, Risk Management Solutions, and former Senior Research Scientist with the USGS Earthquake Hazards Program. Her research interests are focused on the relationship between active faulting and state of stress, quantifying earthquake likelihood, characterizing natural hazard risk, and valuing nature's defenses against natural hazards. Mary Lou Zoback's home page

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