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Historical Geology part of Goals Database
This is the second class for majors. It also can serve as the second class of a two class science distribution requirement for non-science majors. The prerequisite it Physical Geology.

Life on Earth: How Biology Built a Planet (and vice versa) part of Goals Database
The history of Earth and the history of life are intricately intertwined through climatological, geochemical, and biochemical conceptions. The evolution of Earth systems in deep time, a time frame that extends ...

Discover Geography part of Goals Database
Discover Geography is an introductory course that surveys the field of geography and demonstrates the relevance of basic geographic concepts, topics, and methodologies. It is intended primarily for freshmen and ...

Spatial Analysis part of Goals Database
The purpose of this course is to teach students various statistical methods as they apply to analysis of geographic phenomena.

Geology of National Parks part of Goals Database
"Geology of National Parks" draws upon the various landscapes of America's National Parks to introduce geologic concepts and processes. The course explores the concept of geologic time, among others, ...

GS 106 Intro Geology-on line part of Goals Database
introductory on line survey course in geology with lab. no prereqs.

Geology in Historic Context part of Goals Database
Encyclopedic use of the text book, beginning with Chapter one and off-text material about rates, feedback, scale. Then continue with Archean/Proterozoic, Paleozoic, Mesozoic, Cenozoic, but not as a ...

Biotechnology of Algae part of Goals Database
This course will introduce students into the field of applied biology using algae systems. In this interdisciplinary course, students will learn about algae in general, cultivation of algae, products of algae, and ...

Historical Geology part of Goals Database
Introductory Historical Geology

Geological Perspectives of the Historic Buildings of New York City part of Goals Database
This course is an exploration of the urban architectual landscape of NYC that will intergrate aspects of petrology and resource geology with the history of NYC's settlement patterns and ever-expanding trade ...

Forensic Geology part of Goals Database
Course is designed to acquaint students with various methods of instrumental analysis, and their limitations. Laboratory exercises require students to actually make use of a variety of instruments, or to carry out ...

Geology of National Parks part of Goals Database
Overview of topics in physical geology within the context of North American National Parks. Semester-long course with weekly lectures (3) and lab periods for 20-25 students. Significant field component includes 3 ...

General Science 30 Independent Research part of Goals Database
Faculty-mentored independent library or laboratory research in one of the science disciplines or an interdisciplinary science. Students will prepare a final project for presentation.

Introduction to Earth Science part of Goals Database
This course is an introduction to earth sciences for non-science majors. The broad disciplines of geology, oceanography, meteorology and astronomy are explored in the context of an interacting earth system ...

physical geology part of Goals Database
Investigation of processes of Earth changes. 3 hrs lect+3 hrs lab/week. 18-28 students/semester; 15 week semester.

Introduction to Earth Science - Online part of Goals Database
This is an online course using on online text with built in active learning exercises. Student work includes both individual and group assignments and projects and students are expected to participate in course ...

Introduction to Geophysics part of Goals Database
This introductory course aims at familiarizing students with a number of important geophysical issues, both fundamental and applicative (seismotectonics, isostasy, well logging, prospections for oil and gas, etc.)

Historical Geology part of Goals Database
This course outlines the origin and history of the earth and the corresponding biologic changes through geologic time.

Introduction to Environmental Science part of Goals Database
Melinda Huff , NEO A&M College a Two Year College . Course URL: Resource Type: Course Information:Goals/SyllabiSyllabus: See more Course Goals/Syllabus Database ...

Geomorphology part of Goals Database
This course is designed to introduce students to the processes that shape the surface of the Earth.

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