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SEM/EDS Microbeam Analytical Laboratory

U Missouri-Kansas City

Contact Information

James Murowchick

816 235-2979

Murowchickj@ umkc.edu

Kansas City


Instrument Type

Electron Microbeam: CL cathodoluminescence detector +/- spectrometer
EDS energy dispersive spectrometer
SEM scanning electron microscope

Tescan Vega LMU/Bruker Quantax XFlash 100


Chemical State

Typical Use:

Morphology characterization, spot & line analysis, elemental mapping of solid samples.

Conditions for Use:

User Fees:

Contact J Murowchick for current user fee information.

Instrument Priorities:

UMKC student and faculty research and class work have first priority.

Remote Use:

Not yet, but we hope to have this capability in the future.

Sample Preparation:

Dry samples, max size about 100mm x 80 mm high.

Standard Collections/Lab Blanks:


Educational Use:

Support provided by:

Funding provided by NSF Grant number 1028451.

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