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Workshop Overview

This workshop has already occurred. Check out the On the Cutting Edge Workshops page for upcoming opportunities.

Format and goals

Students working near Morsarjokull, Iceland
Field work near Morsarjokull, Iceland. Image credit: Dave Tewksbury.


satellite image of Lake Powell
2001 ASTER image of Lake Powell with overlay of smaller lake in 2007. The gray area depicts the shrunken, reduced 2007 lake extent compared to the extended, larger black area in 2001. Image credit NASA/GSFC/METI/ERSDAC/JAROS, and U.S./Japan ASTER Science Team. More information.
The first workshop event took place at 7 pm on Monday, July 28, and the last at dinner on Friday, August 1. An optional field trip took place on Saturday, August 2.

Eligibility and application instructions

Applicants for this workshop must hold a faculty position at a two- or four-year college or university and teach a geomorphology course at the undergraduate level. We welcome applications from all academic ranks. The workshop is limited to 70 participants, and the final list of participants will be established with the goal of assembling a group representing a wide range of experiences, educational environments, and specialties.


Workshop costs.The workshop fee of $250 covers meals and double-occupancy rooms for the workshop. Our National Science Foundation grant provides funding for the remainder of the operational costs of the workshop. To be supported by these funds, a participant must be either a US citizen, a permanent resident, or in the employ of a US institution. If you don't meet these requirements and are interested in participating in this workshop at your own expense, please contact the workshop conveners.

view from ridge at Thorsmork, Iceland
Overlooking the braided outwash valley of the Markarfljot in Iceland with Eyjafjallajokull in the background. Image credit: Dave Tewksbury.

Travel.All participants or their home institutions must provide transportation to and from the workshop. The workshop will be held at Colorado State University. Colorado State is located in Fort Collins, Co, about 70 miles north of Denver International Airport. Participants must make their own way to CSU in time for the first workshop event at 7 pm on Monday, July 28. The workshop will be over on Friday evening, August 1, and participants will return home on Saturday, August 2. Those who wish to go on the optional field trip on August 2 can return home on Sunday, August 3. SuperShuttle offers hourly shuttle service from Denver International Airport to Fort Collins. The shuttle takes approximately 2 hours to go from DIA to Ft. Collins.

We will be able to offer small travel stipends to participants from institutions unable to cover travel costs. The deadline for applying for one of these stipends is February 21, 2008.


Workshop sessions will take place at Colorado State University, and participants will live in the dorms on campus. The registration fee covers the cost of meals and a double-occupancy room. We will offer the opportunity to choose a single room at a single supplement fee.

Further Information

Contact Barbara Tewksbury (btewksbu@hamilton.edu)

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