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Rock Samples and Geochemistry Analyses

Maria de Lourdes da Silva Rosa & Debora Correia Rios
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We will emphasize the importance of rock sampling and preparation for geochemistry analyses.

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Undergraduate course in geochemistry for first year Geology students.

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Introductory Physical Geology

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This activity is part of a sequence of laboratory activities developed along the course.


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In this lab set students use field work to collect a granite sample which will be prepared for whole-rock analyses through ICP-AES, AAS, and XRF methodologies, as well as mineral concentrations and thin sections for microprobe. The bulk of these exercices involve sample and data manipulation and also include some open-ended questions as comparisons between mineral and whole-rock composition, different kind of data presentation in geochemistry, and limitations and applicability of distinct analytical methodologies.

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