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Workshop Participants

final listing

Melinda Huff, Dept. of Physical Science, NEO A&M College
Alan Levine, Vice President of Community and CTO for the New Media Consortium
Yael Kali
Michael Kelly, Adjunct Geology Faculty, Northern Arizona University, and Lead Designer, MMKAA
John Knox, Dept. of Geography, University of Georgia
James Myers, Dept. of Geology and Geophysics, University of Wyoming
Brian Slator, Dept. of Computer Science, North Dakota State University
Sam Swanson, Dept. of Geology, University of Georgia
Frank Wattenberg, Department of Mathematical Sciences, United States Military Academy

SERC Staff

Cathy Manduca, Director, Science Education Resource Center, Carleton College
Sean Fox, Technical Director, Science Education Resource Center, Carleton College

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