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Sean Fox

Technical Director, Science Education Resource Center, Carleton College

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My (non)-background in the geosciences and teaching with online games and environments

In reflecting on what I might contribute to this workshop I initially struggled with two dilemmas:

This train of thought led me to consider a number of experiences I've had that laid the groundwork for my understanding of many of the issues I think are key to our discussions. I'll lay them out here, even though some are quite antique

Some Old, Yet Still Relevant Experiences/Examples

Answers to Questions

So I guess my initial questions answer each other complementarily. The subject of the workshop is the new intersection of a bunch technologies and practices that have been evolving toward each other. I've participated in some of the pieces and now I'm looking forward to understanding more about what it looks like when they collide.

Sean Fox --Discussion  

so you don't feel left out--

Your expeience with daughter points to a different kind of collaboration -- not so much a game as motivation to be part of a group using/building something together to learn. Similar to the motivations we use in SERC projects to get faculty to contribute. I wonder if we can learn something from game motivations that are applicable. One possibility is that we could think about contribution as a game and clarify the goals/rewards in ways that would movtivate participation.

WRT roleplaying/sterotype threat -- I still feel threatened, so maybe I'm not a good role player. I wonder if there is a whole group of students that is not comfortable with role playing. I can see where this discomfort has impacted my ability to learn languages, to participate in any kind of role-playing learning activity, and to explore in places where I'm not comfortable/confident with the culture (virtual or real) I'm not bad on stage -- so it isn't acting--its the ambiguity of who I am -- me or the role player and something about comfort in role playing situations that are more ambiguous than acting. Maybe helping people get over this with games would have helped me in a whole host of activites.


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