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Career Planning Worksheet

Contributed by Kristen St. John (James Madison University) and R. Mark Leckie (University of Massachusetts, Amherst).

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View through a pok-a-tok goal ring in Mexico. Pok-a-tok was a Mesoamerican ball game. Photo by Sebastian Paquet.
The following description and worksheet is adapted from a faculty planning document provided by Steve Leslie (James Madison University).

How is the worksheet organized?

There are two parts to the worksheet:

Part 1. Major Career Goals
In this section, you describe the vision you have for your career. Indicate the broad interests or goals that guide your anticipated activities and bind your work into a coherent whole. The vision provides a context for the anticipated activities that you will write in Part 2.

Part 2. Anticipated Activities
In this section, you list your anticipated activities in the areas of Teaching, Scholarship, and Service for (a) the upcoming year, (b) the academic year after next, and (c) two academic years from now. The level of detail will be less as you project into the future, and that is OK. The value in articulating anticipated activities 2 years out is that it helps you track your short and long term plans (or lack thereof) for teaching, research, and service.

How do I make the most of this worksheet?

Download a blank copy (Microsoft Word 34kB Jan2 09) of this worksheet for your use.

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