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Planning your Research Program

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Flowchart designed by Richard Yuretich to aid in strategic planning of a research program. Courtesy of Richard Yuretich.

As you move from the role of graduate student or post-doc to the role of faculty member at a four-year college or university, your research responsibilities change. Similarly, if you have just taken a job as a faculty member at a two-year college, you'll be expected to engage in scholarly activities that benefit your students, the college, and the community. Meeting the challenge of this transition requires some active planning and strategic thinking.

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Planning Worksheets

When embarking on a research program, you need to set long-term goals and figure out what needs to be done now to achieve them. If you're ready to start making a 3 to 5 year plan for your research program, here are several methods adapted from the Early Career Workshop activities. Choose whichever format seems to best suit your planning style.

Being Strategic: Examples from Workshop Leaders

When you move to a new institution to begin your own research program, your setting and resources may be different than what you have become accustomed to as a graduate student or post-doctoral fellow. Making the most of your new situation may require some strategic thinking. Here are a few examples of what others have done.

Booklets and articles

Scholarly activity for two-year college faculty

If you teach at a two-year college, chances are that you are not expected to maintain an active research program, but that you are expected to continue to engage in scholarly activities.

Tips from Early Career Workshop Alums

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