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Pre-workshop assignment

Register for the workshop, and pay the registration fee.

Before participating on Thursday, you must register on line for the workshop and pay the $50 registration fee.

Create a SERC account

If you don't already have a SERC account, you will need to create one, which will give you access to the various web pages for this workshop.

Complete the following pre-workshop assignment

Explore existing CE resources in Petrology, CE resources in Mineralogy, and/orCE resources in Geochemistry and do the following:

Introduce yourself via a short post on the workshop online discussion board:

Test-driving the screen-sharing technology.

Complete a test run of the screen-sharing technology. We will be using Collaborate to share screens during the workshop. It is critical that you make sure that you know how to use the system and that you solve all technical issues before the workshop begins. By the end of Wednesday, March 28, we need you to test drive Collaborate so that you know how to use it and have solved any problems *before* the kickoff on Thursday at 3 pm. You will find the connection information and the phone call-in number and instructions on the Technical Information page of the workshop web site. If you have trouble, you can contact John McDaris

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