MATLAB® Application- Markov Model

Pamela Bogdan, Ocean County College, Engineering & Industrial/Technical Studies

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This is a programming assignment for the module on the following topic: Additional Data Topics - Strings, Characters & Data Structures

Learning Goals

Additional Data Topics - Strings, Characters & Data Structures

Modeling Stochastic Processes via Markov Chains

Context for Use

This is part of our Gen Tech course that teaches basic programming. This is a contextualized assignment for students that are pursuing a degree in Engineering & Industrial/Technical Studies. Students of other disciplines would have different assignments that would exercise the same programming skills, but would be tuned to their major. Student would have one week to complete the assignment.

The prior modules would be:
Module 1: Introduction to MATLAB® & Getting Started Variables, Expressions and Assignments
Module 2: Getting Started Basic Programming
Module 3: 1D Arrays (aka Lists)
Module 4: 2D Arrays (aka Matrices)
Module 5: Programming Constructs - Branches, Loops, and Custom Functions

Description and Teaching Materials

A Markov Model helps to predict behavior by creating a stochastic model that assigns probabilities to the likelihood of staying in a particular state or changing to a new state.

For this assignment, please refer to Appendix 1 – Markov Models (link is below) and perform the following:

Code to create Table 1 and screenshot of Table 1 using the NEW WEATHER DATA (TABLE 1 must include column and row headings)
Code to create Table 2 and screenshot of Table 2 using the NEW WEATHER DATA (TABLE 2 must include column and row headings)
Updated Simulation Code
Screenshot of the results of running the Updated Simulation Code

Your code must also include the following:

  • Comments within your code should be sufficient to explain all functionality and usage.
  • Error handling messages should also be included in your code, if not provided by MATLAB.

To complete the assignment, follow the link below. Assignment submission must be a PDF.

Character Assignment and Markov Chain


  • Rubric
  • Assignment Tasks
  • Purposefully addresses all tasks or directions in the assignment. 40%
  • Concepts and Skills
  • Demonstrates understanding or mastery of concepts addressed in the assignment. 40%
  • Comfortable command of the language, makes precise word choices, and shows few - if any -errors in usage or mechanics. 20%