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Matlab as a tool for quantitative calculations in geoscience
Don Baker, McGill University
Don Baker, Earth and Planetary Sciences, McGill University I teach 1st year, 1st semester students in our 3-year undergraduate programs in geology, planetary sciences, and Earth system science their introductory ...

Subject: Geoscience

Developing data literacy and problem solving in first year engineering students
Dan Burleson, University of Houston-University Park
Dan Burleson, College of Engineering, University of Houston Computation is fundamental. It is the basis for understanding and apply knowledge to real world problem. By emphasizing computation in a first year ...

Subject: Engineering

Scientific computing and the student scientist
James Conder, Southern Illinois University Carbondale
James Conder, Geology, Southern Illinois University Carbondale As a scientist, few skills like scientific computing have given as great of dividends. In my 20-year publication history, there is not a single one ...

Subject: Geoscience

Teaching MATLAB in Numerical Analysis for Beginner Users
Mahmud Akelbek, Weber State University
Mahmud Akelbek, Weber State University Numerical Analysis (MATH 4610) at Weber State University is a three credit course. Most of the students who took the course are math major students. There are also double ...

Subject: Mathematics

Using MATLAB in an introduction to programming undergraduate course
Donna Gavin, University of Wisconsin-Platteville
Donna Gavin, Computer Science and Software Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Platteville For most students without any programming experience, taking a required computer programming class to fulfill a ...

Subject: Computer Science

Alleviating computational anxiety of chemistry students
Kristi Closser, California State University-Fresno
Kristina Danielle Closser, Chemistry, California State University-Fresno I recently started a tenure-track position at Fresno State in the chemistry department. Currently, I am teaching a computational chemistry ...

Subject: Chemistry

Introduction to MATLAB in Geosciences: avoiding computing frustration is key to a happy coder
Robert Moucha, Syracuse University
Robert Moucha, Syracuse University As an Earth science teacher, I like to connect with the students to draw on their own experiences; naturally, the paradigm of Earth science is established through "real ...

Subject: Geoscience

Teaching with My Matlab Based Interactive Learning System
Ben Luce, Lyndon State College
Ben Luce, Lyndon State College I personally used Matlab during 28 years of physics research before beginning a teaching career, and I believe thoroughly in empowering students with computational skills and tools ...

Subject: Physics

A stair-stepped approach to programming and scripting
Austin Polebitski, University of Wisconsin-Platteville
Austin Polebitski, Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Platteville One of the members of my PhD committee said something that has always stuck with me regarding programming, he said ...

Subject: Engineering

Computational teaching tools in the classroom: GUI vs Command Line
Alain Plattner, California State University-Fresno
Alain Plattner, Earth & Environmental Sciences, California State University-Fresno Computational tools in the classroom are becoming increasingly popular for good reasons. Instead of being handed down wisdom ...

Subject: Geoscience