Developing the Earth Science Teacher Workforce:
The Role of Geoscience Departments and Introductory Courses

These pages were developed for a May 2003 workshop. Outcomes and presentations from this workshop can be found on the Program Guide

A Small Workshop by Invitation

This workshop will bring together geoscience faculty, teachers, and members of schools of education to discuss how geoscience departments can assist in the development of the required number of well-trained Earth Science teachers.

Workshop outcomes will include a whitepaper summarizing the discussion and recommendations of the workshop participants and a collection of examples of effective implementation demonstrating breadth of what works well.

The program will focus on several areas identified as critical contributions of geoscience departments including:

  • Recruiting, mentoring and advising future teachers
  • The role of introductory courses in teacher preparation
  • Research and teaching experiences for future teachers
  • Links between education and geoscience departments
  • Supporting alumni in the teaching profession

Participants will strive to answer three fundamental questions in each of these areas:

  • What are the issues surrounding each and, in particular, what is the role of geoscience departments?
  • What are the critical aspects of effective activities in each area within geoscience departments?
  • What is the range of approaches that have been implemented successfully?

To prepare for the workshop, we request that each participant provide a short essay (1 page) highlighting the strengths of their departmental offerings for pre-service teachers in any or all of the areas listed above. These essays, and URLs for websites describing or documenting these programs, will form the first step in developing the on-line collection of examples. We would also ask that participants provide URLs and short descriptions for examples of exemplary program elements that they recommend be included in the site. These contributions are requested prior to May 1, 2003. The workshop website will provide a mechanism for submission.

To contribute essays and examples, or for more information on travel logistics and schedules, please use the links to the left.

Sponsored by the National Association of Geoscience Teachers and the American Geophysical Union with funding from the National Science Foundation

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