Images and Diagrams

Initial Publication Date: December 21, 2006

Below are thumbnails of images appropriate for activities in various units in geoscience courses. Project a photo or diagram onto a screen and ask students in general what they see rather than telling them immediately what to look for. After the students have discussed and reported their observations, you can then introduce terminology and discuss (if the students haven't already worked it out) how the photo relates to the processes being studied in the class.
Read a more detailed example here.

Images for Interactive Lectures

Fault, Capitol Reef National Park, Utah, The view is towards the WNW, the cliff forming unit is the Triassic Wingate Formation that overlies the Triassic Chinle Formation (the slope forming units). Photo by Chuck Bailey, College of William and Mary

Beach ripples, Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, Photo by Heather Macdonald

Dike exposed at Spanish Peak, Colorado. Photo by Heather Macdonald.

Joint sets visible in an outcrop, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado. Photo by Heather Macdonald.