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Visionlearning creates and provides high-quality, freely-available reading materials for students in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) disciplines at the introductory undergraduate level. Our readings emphasize how we know what we know, and can be used like textbook chapters. Readings cover Earth science content as well as the process of science, profiles of scientists and the work they do, and how math is used in science. Earth science content can be supplemented with additional readings in general science and math concepts like density, atomic bonds, and linear equations. Each reading includes an interactive quiz with feedback, audio content, and additional resources. Instructors can assemble the content in our free content management system, or incorporate our materials into their own learning management system. Our blog highlights recent research findings and how they pertain to science content typically found in introductory courses.

Key Areas of Visionlearning for Earth Educators

Teach the Earth Themes

Grade Level

Introductory Undergraduate

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