Mike Phillips

Illinois Valley Community College

Mike Phillips is a SAGE 2YC local workshop leader and Geology Professor at Illinois Valley Community College. He convened the 2015 workshop Transfer Agreements and Best Practices to Improve Preparation of 2YC Students for Transfer at Illinois Valley Community College. He was a co-leader of the 2007 On the Cutting Edge Workshop Preparing for an Academic Career in the Geosciences. His undergraduate research program is profiled in the SAGE 2YC Undergraduate Research with 2YC Students. You can read his career profile to find more information on him, his background and how he came to be a professor at Illinois Valley Community College.

Phillips has added a number of exercises and other materials to the SERC collections including Natural Hazards Term Project and Environmental Geology of the Area where you Live. Most recently, he has been developing a module "Mapping the Environment with Sensory Perception" as part of the InTeGrate project.

Phillips currently serves on the Geological Society of America North Central Section's Management Board and has served on the GSA Geology and Public Policy Committee. He has been a school board member for over 12 years and served as board president for over 8 years.


Phillips teaches Environmental Geology, Physical Geology, Historical Geology, Natural Hazards, Oceanography, Environmental Science, and The Global Environment.

Professional Interests

Phillips' professional interests focus on helping students understand how the Earth works and develop an appreciation of the world around them. He also is interested in natural and human-induced hazards, responsible land use, and public policy.


Illinois Valley Community College is a 2YC in Oglesby, a town of 4000 located in north-central Illinois. It has one satellite center in Ottawa and also offers classes in several area high schools. IVCC serves over 3500 students, 60% of whom are female. Nearly two-thirds of the students are part time and half work while taking classes.