Toward a Better Understanding of the Complicated Earth: Insights from Geologic Research, Education, and Cognitive Science

Talks Presented at a Pardee Symposium, Geological Society of America

Denver, Colorado | October 28 - 30 2002

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Learning from Maps

**Links are no longer available, however you may be able to find them on Web Archive

David H. Uttal, Northwestern University
Understanding Geoscience Images: Insights from Cognitive Science

Kim A. Kastens and Toru Ishikawa, LDEO Columbia University
Spatial Thinking in the Geosciences: Visualizing the Earth's Interior

Alan Levander, Rice University
Understanding Crustal Complexity in Seismic Images

Michelle Hall-Wallace, University of Arizona
Visualizing Earth's Inaccessible Interior -- What Works for Students

Barbara Tversky, Stanford University
Good Graphics and How to Make Them

Tim Killeen, NCAR
From Box Models to Coupled Climate Models: How Do We Learn?

Dave Bice, Carleton College
STELLA Modeling as a Tool for Understanding the Dynamics of Earth Systems

Donald L. Turcotte, Cornell University
Modeling Geocomplexity: "A New Kind of Science"

Danielle E. Kaplan, Teachers College, Columbia University
Map-sets and Mental Models: Improving Inquiry and Learning with GIS