Natural Resources

The following resources describe natural resources found in the areas affected by Hurricane Katrina.

Oil refineries after Katrina. Details
  • Geotimes WEBextras Archives . This Geotimes archive contains three articles about Hurricane Katrina and her aftermath. These include "Hurricane Katrina Hits Hard," "Water Covers New Orleans," and "Katrina Strikes the Energy Sector." Users may also follow links to other archived Geotimes articles on a variety of topics from recent earthquakes to drilling projects. (more info)
  • Hurricane Impacts on the U.S. Oil and Natural Gas Markets . This website contains official US energy statistics. The site provides reports summarizing Hurricane Katrina impacts on US oil and gas markets. The site contains shut-in statistics, Gulf oil and natural gas facts, price information, plus links to news, related data and references. (more info)
  • Is there oil in your backyard?. This website is part of the Palentological Research Institution's Petroleum Education program. The goal of the site is to cover most of the major aspects of the geology of oil, while giving the user some geologic fundamentals along the way. This section highlights the South Central United States oil geology. This entry provides a useful description of the most prolific region of oil production in the United States (more info)