Step-by-step instructions

The instructions for this exercise have five main parts. Click each part name to see the steps in that part.

Part 1 - Pre-fieldtrip briefing

Review your knowledge of the various types of volcanoes.

Part 2 - Download and install Google Earth

Download the free version of the Google Earth software and install on your computer.

Part 3 - Take a virtual fieldtrip

Download a file containing Google Earth placemarks for selected volcanoes located in the western United States. Use the program's features to make observations of the volcanoes.

Part 4 - Collect and analyze volcanic rock compositions

Use the NAVDAT database to download geochemical compositions of the rocks sampled from the volcanoes you investigated in Part 3.

Part 5 - Analyze and interpret your results

Compare the geomorphic and geochemical data from the volcanic landforms and hypothesize how they are related.