Step-By-Step Instructions

The instructions for this exercise have 3 main parts. Click each part name to see the steps in that part. For this exercise, it is assumed that you already know how to create graphs in Excel.

The instructions for this chapter and the accompanying screenshots were developed using a Macintosh computer (OS X), Internet Explorer 5.2, and Excel 2004 for Mac. You will notice some differences if you are working on a computer that uses a Windows operating system.

Part 1 - Download and examine the data

Part 2 - Investigate the 1959 eruption

Create and interpret time-series plots and variation diagrams to learn about the compositional variation of the erupted lava, and gain clues to its pre-eruptive history.

Part 3 - Investigate the compositional stratification within the lava lake

Create and interpret a series of variation diagrams and depth profiles from the drill core data to learn about the differentiation of the lava lake. Suggest hypotheses concerning the magmatic processes which may have been responsible for the observed vertical changes in composition.