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Stream Discharge Measurement

Ming-Kuo Lee

Auburn University Department of Geology


Students tend to have fun with this exercise as they take discharge measurements with a flow meter to measure flow rates across straight and meandering stream channels. They find zones of maximum and minimum velocity and begin to understand the influence of a channels' size and shape on how fast it flows.

Learning Goals

Context for Use

This is the third of nine one-week exercises designed for a senior-level undergraduate lecture/lab hydrogeology course.

Teaching Materials

The following equipment is required:


The author is seeking feedback from companies that hire students that have gone through the course that this activity is from to see if this training provides a positive impact on job performance.

References and Resources

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Please contact Ming-Kuo Lee at leeming@mail.auburn.edu with questions or suggestions.

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Special Interest: Quantitative
Quantitative Skills Activity Type: Field Activity

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