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Teaching Quantitative Skills in the Geosciences is an effort to make resources and information about teaching quantitative skills available to faculty via the web. The site includes materials created by participants at a number of workshops (1999, 2002, 2004, 2005) as well as resources written by faculty editors and staff at the Science Education Resource Center (SERC) at Carleton College (more info) .

The PI for this project is Cathy Manduca of SERC. Faculty editors for the project include Jenn Wenner of the University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh and Eric Baer of Highline Community College.

Contributing to the Project

There are a number of ways community members can contribute to this website. Users can submit references and resources for the annotated resource lists. We also welcome contributions of activities and descriptions of courses that emphasize quantitative aspects of the geosciences. And we would love for users to leave us feedback about the quality of the website and the resources they find here.

This project is being developed as part of the DLESE Community Services Center with funding from the Geoscience Directorate of the National Science Foundation (Grant # 0085600).
The primary goals of the DLESE Community Service Center are to:
  • increase the current resource user and contributor base to include greater numbers of K-12, informal, and college educators and students,
  • diversify the DLESE user and contributor base to include rich and robust representation of ethnic, cultural, and differently-abled groups,
  • improve the ability of users and contributors to easily find, adapt, and effectively use high quality digital resources in their classrooms, laboratories, and communities, and
  • demonstrate how DLESE can support community activity addressing issues in geoscience education.

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