Prework for Rivers and Streams Lab (Intro Geology)

Rachel Teasdale
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This activity is part of a collection under development by participants in a June 2006 workshop. Tested versions will be available soon.

In order to give Introductory Geology (Physical Geology) undergraduate non-majors students experience and confidence in using basic algebra to calculate very simple stream flow properties, we use a prework assignment prior to the Rivers and Streams Lab. Prework is a worksheet assigned 2 weeks in advance, which asks students to calculate velocity and discharge as well as unit conversions and calculations of stream load. The questions are put into the context of activities they completed earlier in the semester during visits to the stream (on campus) so questions are relevant to their previous experiences. The prework timeframe gives students the opportunity to seek extra help from their instructor prior to the lab period in which they will make additional measurements, similar calcualations and interpretations of their data.

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Learning Goals

The content goal is for students to be able to collect data and calculate stream flow properties.
By the end of the lab, students should be able to compare stream flow properties from different seasons, using calculations from the pre-work activity and the lab activity.
The prework activity is designed specifically to give students the opportunity to refresh their math skills, gain confidence in using simple calculations and to seek help from their TA in advance of the lab activity.

Context for Use

Undergraduate non-majors, introductory Geology course, satisfies a GE in physical science with a lab.
This activity reviews basic math (algebra) skills to refresh their skills before using similar calculations (e.g. velocity, discharge) in lab activities.
This activity is prework before the Rivers & Streams lab which is held towards the end of the semester (week 13) of a 15 week semester.

Description and Teaching Materials

Streams Prework (Microsoft Word 161kB Jun27 06)

Teaching Notes and Tips


Students work is collected and graded, along with the work completed in lab.

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