Improving the Quantitative Training of Earth Science Graduate Students

February 21-22, 2006. Carleton College, Northfield, MN.

This meeting was convened to gain a better understanding of four key issues:
  1. Are graduate students adequately prepared for the quantitative aspects of graduate geoscience programs?
  2. What the essential quantitative skills are that are required for success in graduate school?
  3. What are perceived as the important courses to prepare students for the quantitative aspects of graduate school (e.g. linear algebra, calculus based physics, a geoscience course that involves applications of higher level math)?
  4. What programs/resources would be valuable in helping faculty/departments improve the quantitative preparation of students?

Workshop participants consisted of ten faculty supervising graduate students in quantitative areas spanning the earth, atmosphere, and ocean sciences; five current graduate students in these areas; and five faculty teaching undergraduate students in the spectrum of institutions preparing students for graduate work. This mixture of participants allowed for an informed discussion of the undergraduate preparation of graduate students and the challenges and opportunities for strengthening the quantitative aspects of this preparation.

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