Indonesia Sampling Trip(December 05)

Created by George Rice, Montana State University

PI Russell Hill and graduate student Naomi Montalvo conducted a sample collection trip in Manado Indonesia in December 2005. The main aim was to collect samples of the sponge Xestospongia testudinaria. Naomi is comparing the microbial communities in this sponge from Indonesian waters with those in its relative Xestospongia muta from the Florida Keys. Naomi is supported partially by a supplement to Dr. Hill's Microbial Observatories award and also by a Robert D. Watkins Graduate Research Fellowship.

The diverse underwater environment in Manado, Indonesia

PI Russell Hill hunting sponges

Naomi Montalvo doing sponge microbiology in a field laboratory in Manado, Indonesia

Processing sponge material in a field laboratory in Manado, Indonesia

Copyright on all images and material by Russell Hill, 2005.