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Meet the Scientists

Homework 3- Welcome to Earth and Mars

Marjorie A. Chan PhD and Julia Kahmann-Robinson PhD, University of Utah Department of Geology and Geophysics


Navigate to and click on "Meet the Scientist". Answer the following questions:

Watch all the short clips (only 2 mins. each or less).


Note: Answers are in brackets

1. How is this group of profiled scientists DIVERSE?

[Different ages, genders, and ethnicities from a variety of institutions]

2. Who are the scientists that study Mars?Choose 5 scientists to profile.

List the scientists' last name and the institution each scientist is associated with. Describe the goals of their research.

Name, Institution, Research

a. [Abigail Alwood, NASA JPL, Oldest life on Mars]

b. [Alfred McEwen, U of Arizona/HiRISE, Mars imaging]

c. [Bethany Ehlmann, CalTech/JPL, Planetary surface, mineralogy of Mars]

d. [Brian Hynek, UColorado-Boulder, Geology, hydrologic, climate of Mars]

e. [Chris Okubo, Center for Astro-Madrid, Impact crater experiments]

f. [Goro Komatsu, IRSPS Italy, Earth and planetary science]

g. [Jack Farmer, ASU, Astrobiology, geomicrobiology]

h. [Jeff Andrews-Hanna, Colorado School of Mines, Geophysics & geodynamics of planets]

j. [Jens Ormo, Center for Astro-Madrid, Impact crater geology & experiments]

k. [Laura Kerber, Laboratoire de Meteorologie Dynamique, France, Ancient volcanoes & planetary atmos.]

l. [Lynn Rothschild, NASA Ames, Evolutionary & synthetic biology, extremophiles]

m. [Mohit Daswani, Open Univ, UK, Mineralogy and geochem of Mars meteorites]

n. [Sally Potter, U of Utah, Sedimentology, diagenesis analogs to Mars]

o. [Victor Baker, U of Arizona, History of water on Mars and Earth]

3. What is interesting and relevant? Choose two of your more favorite scientists from Meet the Scientists.

· What is the most interesting fact (or rumor) you can find when you google their name?

Name Fact

· In your opinion, is their research relevant (use a scale from 1-10 with 10 being extremely relevant)? Give a brief statement to justify your answer.

Name Relevance

· Can their research be helpful in other fields? If so give example(s).

Name Helpful

· If you were an investor/ philanthropist/ government official would you fund the scientist's research? What would you change or applaud in their research?

Name Fact