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Ice on Mars

Homework 1- Ice Ages


Find and understand terrains on Mars that contain or harbor ice


  1. Research regions on Mars that have been identified to have fretted terrain. Hint: Fretted terrain is most common in northern Arabia, between latitudes 30°N and 50°N and longitudes 270°W and 360°W. Two good examples of fretted terrain are Deuteronilus Mensae and Protonilus Mensae.
  2. Using JMARS search for and capture images of the following:
    1. Fretted terrain
    2. Softened terrain
    3. Lobate morphologies
    4. Make note of the following for each captured image:
      • Lat/Long
      • Zoom increment
      • Map used for each image capture (THEMIS, MOLA, etc.)

What you turn in:

  1. Compile your findings into a .ppt presentation (print out your slide presentation with speaker notes where you've indicated any important info)
    • Label all features
    • For JMARS images, label the feature, Lat/Long, Zoom increment and Map ON each slide (with the image).
    • Use the "speaker notes" to further elaborate on your findings.
    • You should have at least 3 slides
      • Slide 1: fretted terrain
      • Slide 2: softened terrain
      • Slide 3: lobate morphology