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14747 1625687505 Introductions
Carol Ormand Jul, 2021
58 1628706013 Hi Everyone, I'm currently a professor in ...
Kristina Faul Aug, 2021
14762 1627066313 Resources
Carol Cotterill Jul, 2021
3 1627934103 In addition to the National Academies book ...
Laura Guertin Aug, 2021
14811 1627903015 How can we build greater awareness of scientific ocean drilling, and scientific ocean drilling-related career opportunities?
Carol Cotterill Aug, 2021
7 1628102384 TOTALLY into IODP using TikTok, but as we learned ...
Marlo Garnsworthy Aug, 2021
14813 1627903061 What is the best way to expand, compile, and promote scientific ocean drilling-related educational resources?
Carol Cotterill Aug, 2021
6 1628101845 This is sort of an aside, but I've been thinking ...
Marlo Garnsworthy Aug, 2021
14814 1627903103 How can we create and support opportunities for undergraduate research involving scientific ocean drilling data / samples?
Carol Cotterill Aug, 2021
1 1627903127 Please feel free to continue your discussions or ...
Carol Cotterill Aug, 2021
14815 1628074146 How can scientific ocean drilling's professional development be enhanced to develop critical scientific and transdisciplinary skills for educators?
Carol Cotterill Aug, 2021
2 1628113538 I'm not sure where to put this, but: A lot of the ...
Peter Selkin Aug, 2021
14816 1628074187 How can we effectively expand/prioritize training programs for scientists involved with scientific ocean drilling research?
Carol Cotterill Aug, 2021
1 1628074203 Again, please feel free to add to this discussion ...
Carol Cotterill Aug, 2021
14817 1628074218 What are effective mentoring strategies for graduate students, postdocs, and tenure-track faculty within scientific ocean drilling? How can we expand on effective mentoring, especially for those in historically marginalized groups in STEM?
Carol Cotterill Aug, 2021
2 1628201093 After the workshop, I've been thinking about the ...
Sebastian Cardona Aug, 2021