Informing Policymakers: July 2021 Workshop

Advancing Scientific Ocean Drilling Impact through Policy

Meeting Virtually July 19 and 21, 14:00 - 17:30 EST

During this workshop, we will be considering three main questions:

  • What research and programs does Scientific Ocean Drilling conduct that have policy implications? E.g. geohazards, earth climate history, marine resources, school of rock.
  • How does Scientific Ocean Drilling currently convey information about these topics to policymakers and into policy and how can those efforts be strengthened? What is the best mechanism to reach policymakers and what are they interested in?
  • How can scientists and policy makers work together to help lower some of the barriers to cross fertilization across science agencies and international partners?

Want to know more? Read the workshop overview page.

Application deadline: June 21. Apply to participate in this workshop.

Workshop Conveners

  • Suzanne O'Connell, Wesleyan University
  • Kira Homola, University of Rhode Island
  • Richard Norris, Scripps
  • Mitch Schulte, NASA

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