Preparing the Next Generation: August 2021 Workshop

Advancing Scientific Ocean Drilling Impact: Preparing the Next Generation

Meeting August 2nd and 4th via Zoom

Scientific Ocean Drilling is a time-travelling exploration of our planet. It can bring an unseen world into the classroom, inspiring future scientists. It can support students and early career researchers with data and samples, and a desire to unravel complex conundrums about how Earth systems interact. And yet we still see the numbers of students engaging in the Earth sciences - especially among historically marginalized groups - decreasing at the end of each educational stage. We want to investigate this and develop strategies for how Scientific Ocean Drilling can increase interest, access, and success of students and early career professionals in the Earth sciences. To address the future research goals of Scientific Ocean Drilling, particular attention needs to be given to preparing and broadening the next generation of the scientific workforce.

As an expert in your community, we encourage you to apply to participate in a two-day virtual workshop. Join us in discussions that will help shape the future of ocean discovery, scientific outreach, and preparing the next generation to participate in scientific ocean drilling. It is imperative that people with a wide range of perspectives and from many different communities participate in these discussions. We look forward to welcoming you to two days of discussion and knowledge sharing!

Want to know more? Read the workshop overview or the workshop summary.

Workshop Conveners

  • Carol Cotterill, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, U.S. Science Support Program
  • Don Haas, Cornell University, Paleontological Research Institution
  • Adriane Lam, Binghamton University, Department of Geology and Environmental Studies
  • Kristen St. John, James Madison University, Geology and Environmental Science

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