Pre-workshop Checklist

To make the most of our synchronous workshop sessions, we are asking you to do a few tasks in advance:

  • By July 23rd, complete the pre-workshop survey.
  • Watch these short videos about
  • Review the Summary of the 2050 Framework for Scientific Ocean Drilling and the Education and Outreach White Paper to familiarize yourself with our program and its current strategies
  • Explore the International Ocean Discovery Program (more info) and USSSP websites (for programmatic information) and the JOIDES Resolution website (for public outreach)
  • Spend some time thinking about the workshop questions, so that you will be ready to engage in conversations about them:
    • How can we build greater awareness of Scientific Ocean Drilling-related career opportunities, especially for marginalized communities in STEM?
    • How can we expand, develop, compile and better promote Scientific Ocean Drilling-science-related educational resources?
    • How can professional development be better designed to develop critical scientific and transdisciplinaryskills for all educators?
    • What are the best accessible practices for creating and expanding opportunities for undergraduate research that involves Scientific Ocean Drilling data and samples?
    • What are effective mentoring strategies forgraduate students, postdocs, and tenure-track faculty within Scientific Ocean Drilling; and how can we expand on effective mentoring in the community, especially for marginalized communities in STEM?
    • How can we effectively expandtraining programs (e.g., short courses and workshops) for scientists involved with Scientific Ocean Drilling research?
  • Introduce yourself on our discussion board.
    • NOTE: The discussion board is in our private, password-protected workspace. To access the discussion board, you will need a SERC account. If you have a SERC account but cannot access the discussion board via the link above, please contact Carol Ormand (
    • If you do not yet have a SERC account, create your account by filling out the form on the right side of this account page. Your access to private workshop webspaces is tied to the email address associated with your SERC account, so please use the same email you used on the workshop application form. Contact Carol Ormand ( if you need assistance.