New Articles from the InTeGrate Project

published May 29, 2019 1:08pm
Teaching for Earth Resilience: A Strategy for Increased Diversity and Equity by Sarah K. Fortner, Cathryn Manduca, Laura Guertin, David Szymanski, and Joshua Villalobos. This article calls attention to the importance of improving diversity and inclusion in the geosciences, and highlights the potential benefits of geoscience educators focusing on Earth resilience in an effort to equitably, justly, and sustainably manage, plan and adapt to resource challenges at local to global scales.

Classroom Observations Indicate the Positive Impacts of Discipline-Based Professional Development by Karen Viskupic, Katherine Ryker, Rachel Teasdale, Cathryn Manduca, Ellen Iverson, Dori Farthing, Monica Bruckner, and Rory McFadden. This article presents the observation results of instructor participation in professional development courses, and highlights the effectiveness of discipline-specific PD in impacting teaching practices.